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Club Kung Fu offers Adult and Children Classes.

Adult Classes (ages 14 and up). Each student is guided along their own unique and specific program. As all things in nature are not equal, neither are we as humans. Each individual has different strengths and weaknesses, at Club Kung Fu Adult students can expect to work on those weaknesses at their own pace. Classes consist of forms, drills, and applications which all vary depending on the students program and Student Grade. All students start from the beginning regardless of previous training, so the more you empty the cup, the more room you will have to fill it up. If it’s your first time, it’s even better!

SG 0-4 (White Shirt). Students learn Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu, along with Lat Sau drills and applications. Once a Student is a SG3 they can participate in sparring. At SG 4 stdents will begin Chi Sau.

SG 5- 8 (Grey Shirt). Students focus on the first Chi Sau Section, in four variable ‘speeds’ and control levels, in addition to the SG 0-4 program.

SG 9-12 (Black Shirt) Students have now refined the SG 0-8 program and continue to learn various chi sau sections, and refine what they already know. On top of this SG 9 are now qualified to assistant instruct.

Children’s Classes (ages 4.5-14). Classes are geared around what they are, children. At Club Kung fu we wish to not instill a bully mentality in our youngest students, but instead we wish to fill them with vital life skills. We do not believe in providing our youth with a false sense of security and creating “14 year old black belts”. Likewise, no child student can receive a Student Grade pass Level 2. In class children focus on structure and discipline, through forms, drills, and applications. In addition children’s classes focus on body mechanics and fundamentals such as falling, rolling, and obstacle avoidance.

Before considering coming to Club Kung Fu, please read the Traditions & Values section to decide if our school fits you or your child’s needs.

Club Kung Fu offers several packages for students to choose from. Our Starter Package includes two regular classes per week, plus our weekend review class. If that’s not enough for you, Our Unlimited Package offers unlimited access to all regular scheduled classes plus our Saturday Morning Review class. Call for current pricing!

In addition we offer add on classes to enhance your Kung Fu training. These classes are not part of the regular program and require an additional fee.

Anti-Grapppling Class– In today’s world the threat of being taken to the ground is greater with more and more take down artist walking the streets. Have no fear! Wing Tsun present a solution to this with our Anti-Grappling Program. This class cover hows to handle an attackers game on the ground, by using our own game to get out safely and get away. Students must have taken Anti-Grappling 1 seminar before taking the Anti-Grappling Class.

Fight Class– a hands on class that explores and examines specific fight situations and applications. This class will cover what a fighter needs from physical to mental preparation. SG 3 and up.

Chi Sau Class– This Class gives students extra time to focus on Wing Tsun’s best hidden weapon, Chi Sau. Chi Sau, or Sticky Hands, is an exercise that allows students to work on response and reflex training in order to gain quicker reactions. SG5 and up.

Practical Wing Tsun– This class focuses on strengthening and refining one’s Wing Tsun foundation. This is a training style class, which means no instruction is given, rather students are lead in constant high intensity Wing Tsun drills.

SG9-12 Class – This class is available to SG 9 through 12 and covers advanced Wing Tsun topics.

Instructor Training Program- Students wishing to pursue a more technical training with a desire to instruct may apply for the Instructor Training program. Additional fee and requirements must be met.

Cantonese Class– Here at Club Kung Fu we have the privilege of having two native speaking Cantonese instructors. We offer our students a chance to get up close and personal with the culture and language of the Hong Kong and Chinese people. This gives our students a better understanding of the art they study.