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Elaine Leung (Si-Mo)


Elaine Leung

Elaine Leung

Elaine Leung was surrounded by martial arts schools while growing up in Hong Kong. However, she had no interest in the martial arts. Instead, like most people, in the then British territory, she spent much of her time working. She held positions in manufacturing in China and corporate offices in Hong Kong. In 1996, Elaine decided to emigrate to the United States.

In 2002 she was introduced to Wing Tsun kung fu by her husband. Still there was no interest in the martial arts. Since her husband and brother in-laws were all involved in kung fu, she was often asked why she was not interested in any martial arts. Her answers would always be a name, “Bruce Lee… I do not like his arrogance in the movies”.

In November of 2008, while Elaine was watching a Wing Tsun class at Club Kung Fu, she thought of a female relative that was admitted to the hospital because she had been severely beaten. It was then that she decided to learn Wing Tsun. With the same work ethic she had in Hong Kong and her no nonsense approach to everyday life, Elaine trained diligently while holding down a full time job and raising two sons. In the past few years Elaine has trained with Great Grand Master Leung Ting, Sifu Lau of Toronto, Sifu Lee in Hong Kong and of course her Sifu, Alex Richter of NYC. She is now one of a handful of assistants that help her husband teach at Club Kung Fu.