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965994_10151796917708075_715067706_oSifu Elliot Leung, 2nd Level Technician

Sifu Elliot Leung’s formal Wing Chun training began in the early 1970’s with Sifu Peter Chow on Atlantic Street in Stamford.With his brother Wai, Elliot trained diligently for more than two years until their training ended abruptly when Sifu Chow relocated elsewhere.During this time, there were no other Wing Chun schools in CT for them to continue training. (Read More…)

Wai LeungWai Leung, 2nd Level Technician

Wai developed an interest in martial arts when he was very young and as a teenager he studied Wing Chun for a couple of years in the seventies under Sifu Peter Chow. In 2003, he finally enrolled with City WingTsun after researching many martial arts schools in the Fairfield County area. (Read More…)

2015-07-16 (3)Elaine Leung, Primary Level Technician (Assistant Instructor)

Elaine was surrounded by martial arts schools while growing up in Hong Kong. However, she had no interest in the martial arts. Instead, like most people, in the then British territory, she spent much of her time working. She held positions in manufacturing in China and corporate offices in Hong Kong. In 1996, Elaine decided to emigrate to the United States. (Read More…)

2015-07-16 (4)Ian Lachowski, Primary Level Technician (Assistant Instructor)

Ian was Born in Haifa Israel. His family immigrated to the United States in 2006 settling in Stamford, CT. As a child, Ian always had an interest in the martial arts, but never the opportunity to take lessons. In 2009, Ian decided to seek a school to satisfy his desire to learn a martial art. After visiting various schools, he did not find one that met his requirements. (Read More…)