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Our Kwoon


Club Kung Fu is a family owned and operated Kung Fu school run by Sifu Elliot Leung (Leung Sifu).

We are located at 1016 Hope Street Stamford CT. Club Kung Fu provides the best there is to offer in Wing Tsun Kung Fu instruction.

Our Kwoon, which means school in Cantonese, is like no other place in the world. Sifu Elliot Leung opened Club Kung Fu is 2008 after his Sifu, Alex Richter decided to focus all of his efforts on his New York City school. At the time there was no other authentic Wing Tsun Kung Fu in all of Connecticut. After coming to this realization, Sifu Elliot Leung decided to carry on his Sifu’s tradition of Wing Tsun Kung Fu in Connecticut and opened Club Kung Fu. At Club Kung Fu we aim to truly harness the essence of a warriors heart and mind. In today’s world there are many battlefields, whether it’s work, school, or the street; we are presented with problems and challenges daily we must overcome. Here at Club Kung Fu we wish to help individuals live up to their fullest potential, build confidence, and learn how to flow; in order to achieve the greater success possible in all avenues of life. In other words, we aim at making good men and women even better warriors.

With that being said, Sifu has worked very hard to cultivate a real genuine kung fu family. Some say it’s harder to get in to the school, then it is for one to decide if they want to join. At Club Kung Fu we learn to embrace and tolerate each others differences, which has created a very tight-knit family, where egos are quickly stomped out and spirits soar. If one submits they will become the best Wing Tsun fighter they can be.